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Google Search Update: March 2024 Core Update & New Spam Policies

Big news for creators! Google just made changes to how search works to show people helpful information. Here’s the short version: Good news! Make cool stuff that helps people, and you’re golden. Google wants to show that off in searches. No more sneaky tricks! Google is cracking down on websites trying to cheat their way to the […]

Why we’re hardwired to believe SEO myths (and how to spot them!)

Give someone a fish and they’ll EAT for one day. Teach someone to fish and they’ll EAT for a lifetime. Yes, that’s an seo pun. It’s also the goal of this article. If you pop into either of the fantastic seo communities on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll inevitably encounter some common seo myths: “Longer dwell […]

Three critical keyword research trends you must embrace

30-second summary: Exact-match keywords are useful for researching patterns and trends but not so much for optimization purposes When optimizing for keywords, optimize for intent and solve problems, don’t just match your page to the keyword Brand-driven keywords should be your top priority because you cannot control SERPs but you can rank assets that will […]

How to drive B2B conversions from your organic traffic

30-second summary: B2B conversion funnels are long and unpredictable, and your seo strategy should reflect that Because it takes several touchpoints for a buying decision to be made, a B2B seo strategy should focus on both informational and commercial phrases Brand-driven search is crucial for your conversions because B2B customers tend to careful consider all […]