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How Google’s New Core Update SEO Experts And AI Generated Content.

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The big update is on its way – Google is rolling out the March 2024 core update.

It’s expected to be more sophisticated, targeting issues like expired domain misuse, scaled content (possibly AI-generated), and abuse of site reputation.

Luckily, none of my websites have been hit with penalties or de-indexing so far. I only used AI on one site for small content portions, not entire articles. Plus, I steer clear of expired domains, except for one strategically acquired and redirected.

Some folks have built sites with 100% AI-generated content, testing the waters in this new era of content creation. However, there’s a risk of getting hit by this update.

I’m uncertain about Google’s ability to detect “pure spam.” They might be targeting prominent figures in the industry to create confusion and fear (FUD).

My approach is to use AI responsibly as part of my SEO strategy.

Here’s my winning pSEO and AI strategy:

  1. Start with a solid, preferably unique, data set.
  2. Use user-generated template content that accurately describes or explains the data.
  3. Integrate short sections of AI content, maintaining focus, accuracy, and avoiding spam flags.
  4. Implement conditional content based on the data to make each page unique and valuable.
  5. Include tables and charts for added value and to break up content.
  6. Don’t solely rely on Google; build an email list for direct engagement.

I’ve been following this strategy for years with coding, and now I’m developing a user-friendly tool for it.

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